We bring innovation into steel industry

Quality and reproducibility

  • NO BENDS or contact with guides – no cracks of the protective material
  • ONLINE CONTROL of homogeneity, thickness and level of infusion
  • INTENSE ADHESION of the protective material


High production flexibility

VARIOUS COATING MATERIAL can be applied succesfully on the same coating line. For example existing Zinc coating line can be upgraded to provide aluminium or lead coating.

Higher throughput

HIGH COATING SPEED, up to 240 mpm,  enhances the capacity of continuous galvanising lines.

Economic benefits at minimum cost

  • Minimized overall consumption of coating material
  • Minuimized downtime
  • Minimized energy consumption

Easy installation on existing galvanising lines

UPGRADE OF EXISTING PLAINT would require or existing continuous galvanising lines to install only THERMOGREEN coating chamber to utilize all technology benefits.

Ecology friendly

  • minimal waste of coating material
  • minimal gas emissions and exposure of the melt to the atmosphere
  • no flux in the aluminising process

Specifications and Demonstration request

request for additional information

In order to receive more technical information on the technology or spesifications of the line, as well as to arrange visit to see line in operation, please conact our representaives.

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News on development of the technology

As partner starts to utilise potential of the THERMOGREEN technology, more information becomes available on applications allowing others to benegit from new opprtunities. We are happy to spread the word about success of our partners.