ThermoGreen | THERMOGREEN Technology CONCEPT
Innovative technology for continuous galvanising line
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THERMOGREEN Technology Concept

We bring innovation into steel industry

The THERMOGREEN Metal Division had exclusively developed patented technology used in continuous galvanising coating process which offers significant advantages in terms of product quality, line capacity, investment cost and maintenance requirements.

The special features of the THERMOGREEN CGL technology is application of the entirely new approaches to traditional spheres.


EFFECTIVENESS,  providing to technology user line when all coating process, when the carrier material is being coated while running horizontally or vertically through a  sealed chamber containing melt of the protective material without  contact with atmosphere.

 The carrier material, e.g. wire, is fully submerged during the coating process and moves through the chamber without bends or contact with guides. This prevents fractures in the coating and scratches on the surface.  The result is an extremely durable protection against corrosion or wear combined with markedly cut production costs.

MODULAR APPROACH, providing one  coating unit with  ability to handle different coatings and  allowing conversion of one line within  different coating materials,  for example Zinc into Galvan, Aluminum or Lead.

THERMOGREEN technology  was designed to be adopted by all interested industrial furnace or full continuous galvanising lines manufacturers to provide end users benefits of technological breakthrough in the coating of long steel products, such as wire and other cold-drawn products, i.e. tubes. strips, rybars and H-bars\T-bars.

Specifications and Demonstration request

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In order to receive more technical information on the technology or spesifications of the line, as well as to arrange visit to see line in operation, please conact our representaives.

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News on development of the technology

As partner starts to utilise potential of the THERMOGREEN technology, more information becomes available on applications allowing others to benegit from new opprtunities. We are happy to spread the word about success of our partners.