THERMOGREEN aluminium coating continuous galvanizationline ( CGL)


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Aluminized steel wire, diameter 2.0 mm.

Protective coating structure:

Series of layers of aluminium-iron alloys formed on the surace of the wire with successively higher aluminium content towards the coating surface and intermetallic layer towards inner center.
The protection layer do not have hydrogen embrittlements.

Properties of the protective coating:

Density                                                              66.68 g/m²

Thickness of aluminium layer                      20 μm

Thickness of intermetallic layer                   4  μm


Trimetal ( Aluminium, Zinc and Lead) Continuous Galvanising Line for coating of steel wire is application of the ThermoGreen technology.

Presented Line instalation provides coating with Aluminium and Aluminium alloys, but can be easily converted into coating with Zinc, its alloys or Lead-Tin.

Presented line is desined to demonstrate to operators of existing galvanising lines benefits of efficiency, flexibility and superior quality of the final protective coating at lower cost.

The qualities of the final product certified by independent laboratories.

Base material:

Wire:                                                                black steel wire, carbon content 0.1 – 0.8%
Wire diameter:                                              0.1 – 2.0 mm

Operational details:

Number of independent wire strings:     12 parallel strings
Nominal speed of coating:                           60  m/min
Maximum speed of coating:                       120 m/min  with further upgrade up                                                                                  to 240 m/min
Annual production output:
                                                                               7860 tonns (at nominal speed)
                                                                              11790 tonns ( at maximum speed)
Man power requirements:                          3 men per shift ( 1 skilled and 2 unskilled)



Aluminium consumption per tonn of wire (41,4 m of wire) – 20.8 rg/tonn
Energy consumption                                         Kwt


Line general dimentions:

Line total Length                                                             56 m
Line total width                                                                6 m

Photos of cross cut section of the wire with aliminium protective coat.

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