The phases of the process

Step by Step description of the full process of anticorrosion coating with ThermoGreen Technology.
THERMOGREEN modular anticorrosion multicoating horizontal continuous galvanization line

Stage 01     Wire loading

Metal uncoated wire is loaded on cpools to be ready for loading into decoiling unit.

Stage 02    Decoiling unit

The uncoated wire is loaded into the decoiling unit.  It holds simultaneously 12 spools forming 12 fully independent strings of wire.

Decoiling unit within THERMOGREEN CGL(Continuous Galvanization Line)

Stage 03    Cleaning

Grease and corrosion are removed by electrostatic method and pickling. In the compact cleaning section, the wire surface is cleaned in two cascades by electolysis in sulphuric or phosphorus acid. Residues of electrolyte and rinsing water are then blown off the wire surface by air.

Cleaning unit within THERMOGREEN CGL (continuous galvanisation line)
Preheating unit within AlumGreen HCGL ( horizontal continuous galvanisation line)

Stage 04     Drying and preheating

In the induction heating unit, the wire is preheated in the pretective atmosphere, thus ensuring optimal adhesion of the aluminium to the staal wire.

Stage 05    Coating the wires

The core of the line is Thermogreen coating chamber. It is filled with molten aluminium. The strands of wire move horizontally through the coating chamber in a linea movement without touching any guides. This prevents fractures in the coating and scratches on the surface.Wire is coated at a speed up to 240 mpm with minimum time exposure of metal wire to molted aluminium.  Short exposure saves structure of the wire with no rist of embrittlement for all steel grades.

Galvanisation unit within Thermogreen CGL ( continuous galvanization line)
Preheating unit within AlumGreen HCGL ( horizontal continuous galvanisation line)

Stage 06     Cooling

The coated wire is cooled to normal storage temperature by standard industrial methods.

Stage 07    Reeling

Coated wire is reeled on spools. It is the final stage of the GreenAlum alumimun CGL coating process.

Reeling unit within THERMOGREEN HCGL (horizontal continuous galvanisation line)

Final product

The final product is aluminized wire, which ready to be shiped to the end user for altimate use.

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